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Good memory for a gamer ...

I'm a gamer who plays mostly first person shooters and I want to build a new computer (AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Skt 939)
I mostly game locally, but sometimes go online
I will NOT be overclocking anything.

I'm kind of stumped as to what memory I need.

I'm looking at the OCZ Gold line
I want dual Channel
2 GIGs of RAM

1- Should I really be looking at the gold line? Is there such a big difference with the value line?

2- Is it worth getting the PC-4000, or should I just get the PC-3200?

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hi there

first of all additional ram would be of good help only if u have a good 3d card. as the resoultion and the effects will be the best when they are presented by a seperate graphics card like rivatnt or nvidia. try to invest on the graphics card more and 1 gig of ram would be more than sufficient.

pc-4000 is faster that pc-3200 but if u can buy a ECC ram even if that has a slower speed that performace will be far better than a higher speed ram which is not ECC

The difference between the goldline is that is has gold Heatspreaders which allow increased ventilation and heat dissipation which is good if you out your pc under stress like overclocking and so forth.

The PC-4000 memory is more for overclocking and high system tweaking in order to get a great performance boost ,so if you want to push your pc further at a later time then get the PC-4000 now but if you just want to play games at a reasonable frame rate then get the  pc-3200


The Gold line has lower latencies than the value line, which will let you run a little faster.  This should show up in faster framerates, if your video card is not the bottleneck.  The EL version has the very low latencies, and the XTC line has the nice heat spreaders, as noted by f-king.

There is no advantage to PC4000 over PC3200 if you are not overclocking.  The stock settings can be handled by PC3200.  That said, these RAM modules perform more like DDR500 than DDR400.
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Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
1. look at this special RAMs for gamers : http://www.kingston.com/hyperx/default.asp
I agree with Callandor, all is for nought if your video card is the bottleneck, meaning you must have a high end video card or video cards if you want the frame rates that will impress your friends.

If you have the money go for top of the line, but honestly the performance of your system depends upon all components. bhanu makes a good point with the video card and 1 gig of ram should be your minimum if you are building a gaming pc. I reccomend at least 1 gig of either hyper x or corsair xms, anything low latency. You dont need the extremely expensive ram kits they wont offer that much of a performance boost. Also pc-3200 is all you need. I have built 5 systems with corsair xms and they all run nicely but i also have systems with kingston so find one on sale and try it out
With the AMD socket 939 the latency doesn't affect teh speed of the RAM as much as whether you can run it at 1T or 2T timing.  Most motherboards will not let you run at 1T if all 4 DIMM slots are populated, so go for the slightly cheaper (slightly more Lax timings) memory, but make sure you get 2*1GB rather than 4*512 MB.  If you are not overclocking then the PC3200 Memory should be fine as the memory runs at 1/5 HT bus as standard - this will be 1/5 * 1000MHz = 200Mhz.
vanaudenAuthor Commented:
hmmm.. a lot to digest.

my vid card will be (one card only):

EVGA e-GeForce 7900GT CO Superclocked 256MB PCI-Express

I think that for most games, I will be fine in terms of the video card not being the bottleneck (nor the cpu, which I have decided will be AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Skt 939 instead of the 3800+)

I will get back to you shortly
vanaudenAuthor Commented:
Also will have 2GB of dual channel RAM
vanaudenAuthor Commented:
bhanukir7 I read this on the net:


Non-ECC means non buffered. ECC means buffered. ECC/Buffered memory is 30 percent slower (actually just under 29% slower) and that is a heck of a hit.

If you were to use ECC or buffered memory, you would suffer from the 30 percent slower speed at which buffered memory runs. This slower speed would mean that 1 GB of buffered memory, if it worked at all, would not work at an adequate speed for the size of the module.


Why get ECC ram if it is 30% slower than unbuffered ram??
vanaudenAuthor Commented:
vanaudenAuthor Commented:
Thank you all! This was very informative. The most important info I gleaned from this was:

1- Choose PC3200 because I will not overclock
2- I don't really need heat-spearders if I don't overclock... but I do need low latency
3- I need a powerful video card to ensure that it is not a bottleneck
4- Get 2 DIMMs of 1 GIG to run at 1T timing

thank you all!
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