MDI Child activated event not firing up

Hi All

I am building and MDI application in, i have an main mdi form and some child forms. one the child form displays another form, which is configured to be a dialog box, once that dialog box is closed, the child form, which is already opened in the mdi form, does an activated event, or enter event.

I am trying to refresh janus grid control on that form, upon changes occured in the dialog box.

any help would be great!
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Use the Activated Event of the Form for refreshing the data provided by the dialog box

Write the code for refreshing the form data on the Activated Event of the Form (the form which is opening the dialog box)

anwar ul haqueCommented:
Yes Activated event will fire.
shkhurramAuthor Commented:
hi all....

i tried the activate event of the form, the form which is opening the dialog box and this event fires up once the form is activated. Once the dialog box is opened and the closed, the focus automatically shifts to the original form, and then the activate event does not file.

However, i tried another solution, the activate event on the main MDI parent form does fire, and all i had to do was to write some code to determine which child form are active and then i wrote the code for refreshing the data and it work.

I guess i had to award point as you people replied.

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