Exchange 2000 mailbox storage size not reported right?

In Exchange manager I can see the total of all the mailboxes below the First Storage Group - Mailbox Store - is approx 5G

But the actual files don't match this at all
priv1.edb   12.9G
priv1.stm   0.6G
pub1.edb   11M
pub1.edb   10M

In the event log
The database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (TRANSERVSBS1)" has 1 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated.
The database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (TRANSERVSBS1)" has 3361 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated.

A couple of mailbox users are over 1G.

This is all making no sense to me - can some expert please help? Is it true that mailboxes are limited to 2G each and 16G total for this server? Is it all going to turn black any second?
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Exchange 2000 standard edition has a limit of 16 GB
Mailbox size is not limited to 2GB
.pst created with outlook other than outlook 2003 have a limit of 2GB

the event log shows that the mailbox store has 3Gb of space that can be reclaimed with offline defrag
mbhhAuthor Commented:
Thanks .. my panic is subsiding .. Do you think it is worth doing this defrag? How does one do an offline defrag? Are there any risks? Should it be done routinely? Why doesn't Exchange server do it by itself?
Exchange does not do offline defrag on it own. it does online maintenance on its online maintenance it scans the database and marks the items that have been deleted for deletion. this is called white space which can be reclaimed after offline defrag.

to do offline defrag the stores need to be dismounted, so that is a downtime. offline defrag should not be run that often but it depends on the amount of free space that can be claimed. in your case it comes to around 3GB. so the database size would come down to 9GB.

You can check the following articles regarding offline defrag

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How to run Eseutil on a computer without Exchange Server

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If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

mbhhAuthor Commented:
Why does Exchange manager report the total of all the mailboxes is only 5G?
The following article might tell something
mbhhAuthor Commented:
Very comprehensive, thank you rakesh.

cheers mark
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