AutoCAD Lite 2006 vs. AutoCAD 2006

I have a client that is requesting AutoCAD 2006. But all he would use it for is some lite drafting and viewing. The other things he would like to know is how Lite compares to straight AutoCAD when it comes to plotting and opening up AutoCAD files from previous versions.
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AndreDekoltaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at:

Also, from my personal experience, LT has about 80% of the functionality of a full version.  Lt will open any previous versions.  Also, to test current concerns with past drawing you can download a trial LT version from
There is 0 difference between a full or a lite version of Acad for plotting and retroactive compatibility.

Lite version lack 3D capabilities (commands for drafting 3d object and rendering mostly)
Lite version lack LISP capabilities (automatisation of certain commands by customisation, although macro and scripts can be used in Lite)
thenrichAuthor Commented:
is there a VBA or COM componet available with Lite?
techn125Connect With a Mentor Commented:
3rd party softwares can be added though:
LISP enabler:
C++ enabler:

No VBA either for Lite version nor did I found any enabler to add-on.

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