Mouse cursor suddenly jumps

I'm a Sr. Web Developer and I admit, I've had this happen also.  One of our users says sometimes while in windows, all of a sudden, their mouse cursor will just jump to one side.  I can tell you it's not the user, and it's as if someone was remoting their PC and suddenly jerked the mouse over...but that's definitely not the case.  So other than the video driver, what else would be jerkin his cursor like this?  It is intermittent and doesn't happen often.
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if optical,  mouse sensor got a speck of dust under it and that caused the jump

if ball, the mouse could be faulty or simply dirty
Try Updating the BIOS.  It is notorious for causing this on some systems.
Hi dba123,

I've seen it happening with all kinds of mouse pads.
If the pads' color is not solid, sometimes when the mouse sensor goes over from a dark area to a bright area on the pad, the cursor goes crazy.

- Maddog
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Is it a wireless mouse?  I've had instances where one user would move their mouse and it would affect someone else's mouse cursor.
I have a ball mouse that suddenly skips. I noormally clean the three contacts inside on a regular basis. It still causes the same problem. I suspect that it is now faulty. Have you tried another mouse?
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I agree with cf101, I had this issue with my optical when i work and then starts to read and take my hand of the mouse, it jumps from buttom of the screen to the top..

Try changing the mouse or clean it.
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