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Are there any live cd linux that have a ftp client ( graphical) that I can transfer the file to ftp server
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Again knoppix, you can use midnight commander for that or if it is included, krusader.
mwnnjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi teera,
also after installing Knoppix,check out for synaptic or Kpackage::
then search for the gFTP cleant package and install it if still not presented on your system;
gFTP has SSH2 support also;as rindi :midnight commander is also very mighty;
as for Konqueror can also be used as an FTP client...

teeraAuthor Commented:
Hi mwnnj
what is midnight commander
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you are inside knoppix, open a terminal (click on the icon in the taskbar that looks like a PC display). Then select "session" and in the list you should see "New Midnight Commander" and "New Midnight Commander for root". The midnight commander is a very powerfull filemanager which lets you "point and shoot", so you don't need to enter all the commands and filenames, which in linux are usually very long, and this causes at least me to allways need to retype things a couple of times until all the typos are gone. Midnight commander, among other functions, allows you to connect to ftp servers (if you open the left or right menu, you'll see "ftp link"). And then the ftp server you connect to shows up in that pane where you opened the link, while in the other pane you see your local files. Now all you need to do is select the files or folders you need, and use f5 to copy them to your local PC... The midnight commander, or mc (if you start mc on the commandline on a linux system with the midnight commander installed, it'll start too), is one of those tools I can't do without.

krusader is a similar tool but it needs to run under the GUI you are in and needs more resources, and I'm not sure if that is included with all knoppix versions.
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