Can a DSL modem be swapped out with another

An office has a DSL modem that has gone bad.  The ISP wont get someone to the location for several days and they wont just send them a DSL modem.  I have a DSL modem from another job and I believe it might be from the same ISP.  Any chance I can plug it in and get an internet connection?  Will I have to call the ISP and give them the MAC address?  Thanks for your help in advance.
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Craig_200XConnect With a Mentor Commented:
usually different ISPs dont have the same circuit settings....

IF they ARE the same ISP it should work ... if its not - you might have a problem relating to VPI/VCI configuration... if the modem is configurable get the correct vpi/vci and program it ..
I have switched them out before with no problems at all.  Didn't have to give them the new MAC address.
lancorpsAuthor Commented:
Even if they are from different ISP's?  I want to replace a Cabletron 2200 from Covad with a Westell from Verizon.  Would that work?
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