How to retrieve the values from a SP

Hi Experts,

I have a simple Sp that I want to fill a datagridview with, but unfortunately I'm not to good with SP myself.

Here is the SP:

CREATE PROCEDURE [ichanneluser].[test3]

@BrukerID nvarchar(50)

SELECT     jpst_Main.ID, jpst_Main.Heading, jpst_Main.Body, jpst_Main.OpprettetAv, jpst_Main.OpprettetDato, jpst_Main.Rute, jpst_Main.Avdeling,
FROM         jpst_Main INNER JOIN
                      jpst_Detail ON jpst_Main.ID = jpst_Detail.ID
WHERE     (jpst_Detail.BrukerID = @BrukerID)

Here is the vb code

                Dim sqlConn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection
                sqlConn.ConnectionString = getConnection2()

It is here I would like the datagridview called "dg1_1" to be filled vith the results from the SP.

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first create a sql command with type as stored proc and the textas the SP's name

then create a dataadpter and assign the commad as the selectcommand for the dataadpter(and need not to open the connection expicitly)

and then create a dataset and then fill the dataset with dataadpters fill command

and assing that ds as datasourse for datagridview and call datagridview's databind method



private SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection();
private SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
private SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter();
DataSet ds;

conn.ConnectionString = "ConnectionString";
cmd.CommandText = "Sp name";
cmd.CommandType = StoredProcedure;
cmd.Connection = conn;
------------add the parameter to the command-------imp step
SqlParameter sSearchString = new SqlParameter();
                        sSearchString.ParameterName = "@BrukerID";
                        sSearchString.Value = txtSearchString.Text;----source of value
                        sSearchString.SqlDbType = SqlDbType.VarChar;
                        sSearchString.Size = 1000;

da.SelectCommand = cmd;
dgSearchResult.DataSource = ds;



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jonastovsenAuthor Commented:

Thank you SandeepRR.

You just saved my day!
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