Error code 0xc1054005 when moving a mailbox

Hi all,

Im in the process of upgrading clients to outlook 2003 and then moving thier mailbox from exchange 2000 to exchange 2003. The new exchange server is a member server in a 2000 domain. A have just tried to move one clients mailbox and received the following error in the report log (the move failed)error:

Error code: 0xc1054005

The MAPI call failed. MAPI or an unspecified service provider ID no: 80004005 - 0000 - 00000000

What does this mean? is there a corrupted message somewhere, and if so how can i track it down? Ive read on the internet that i need to use a program called PFDAVadmin. What is this/ what does it do?

thanks for the help

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Check mailbox size limits set them to unlimited
Check switch as well. Maybe try a gigabit switch

Also look into this  

MS has a nifty tool called PFDavAdmin that can show you bad DACLs on a mailbox,
pab006Author Commented:
hey thats great!

the little tool sorted it, some kind of dacl permission inbalance. Told it to fix them and it went through like a dream.

Thanks again

Your welcome thanks for the points!!
I ran the pfdavadmin to check a single mailbox and and also ran "Check DACL State" and this is the error that I come up with.  "The underlying connecting was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server"  We use ssl for our owa which I have typed in, so I'm not sure what the problem is.  Any thoughts??

Thanks for your help!!
pab006Author Commented:

im no expert on this, but it sounds like it cant get access to your exchange server? Can you run the tool directly on the box? its been a whilke since i looked at this sorry. One other thought, if its failing on the dacl state perhaps it cant contact your gc?


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