PoE injectors

I found a Dlink PoE camera I like. Problem is, I can't find a PoE switch that is affordable.
Would a PoE injector suffice? If so, which brand do you recommend?

From what I understand:  The injector is DC powered and also has two RJ45 ports present. One port connects to the PoE camera. The other port connects to a standard L2 switch?  Is the diagram below representative of how it would be setup?

PoE camera          
PoE injector
   ------------------------Network Switch
                                |           |
                                |           |
                               PC         PC
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foocharConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two advantages to using a switch like this.  The first is that if you are planning to use multiple cameras the switch may be less expensive than buying an injector for each camera.  You just have to watch power consumption versus available power.  The Dlink DCS-1110 is rated at 8.5W consumption, the Netgear FS116P is rated at a maximum of 55W for 802.3af PoE, so more then 6 cameras would exceed the specification, even though ports 1-8 all have PoE available.

The second advantage to using the PoE switch is that the setup genearally looks cleaner and takes up less space.  Rather then having a switch, and then having an injector sitting on top of it you just have one switch.  You also only take up one wall outlet, instead of an outlet for the switch and an additional outlet for each injector.
si-supportConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dissolved - An injector would suffice.  Your diagram is correct. Just be sure you have a power outlet available to plug the PoE injector in to.

I've only used PoE for running Cisco wireless access points, so have used two different devices made by Cisco.  I think the important thing would be to use one compatible with the camera. Maybe the DLink site would have that recommendation.

Since you are talking about using a Dlink PoE camera I would suggest using a Dlink PoE injector such as the DWL-P50.  If everything is standards compliant then you should be able to use any 802.3af injector, but sometimes different manufacturers will interpret standards slightly differently, making it harder to get things to cooperate.  

Your diagram is representative of how this would be setup.
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
thanks fellas. Is there any advantage to using a PoE switch over an injector?
I found some inexepensive netgear PoE switches. I'm assuming they would be compatible will all PoE devices? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16833122154

Thanks again
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