What is the best program to recover a corrupted HDD?

I have a 40 Gb 2.5" drive that is about 75% full.  The drive has become corrupted, unreadable, but the data appears to be there.  I used a trial version of RiteRecovery and it showed me that there was a good portion of my data that would be able to be recovered.  

The question is, frankly, is there a better/faster/stronger recovery program that I sould be using? Cost is not a HUGE factor, and I am expecting to pay about $150 for the use of RiteRecovery or another program like VirtualLab.  
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best is getdataback:


Sometimes you can also recover data using a bootable knoppix CD

use getdataback, be sure to determine the filesystem type (fat 32 or ntfs). Just last weekend a friends hard drive got corrupted and was unreadable, very unreadable. Used getdataback NTFS and recovered all the data with minimal corruption, I even got some of the previously deleted data back!
wgarthAuthor Commented:
TYVM - I will use this program right now!  
your welcome
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