Outlook Express-Turning Off Compacting Message

When I shut down Outlook Express, I get a message that OE wants to compact the folders. How do I turn this off? In Tools>Options>Maintenance, everything is unchecked. I'm running OE 6 on Win XP Pro, SP2 with latest patches.
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Greetings, dannyelusk !


This is a change with SP2. It does not automatically start compacting
unless you click OK. You can use the instructions below to postpone the
pop-up, but compacting folders while working offline is something you
should do regularly.

Go to: Start>Run>Regedit>OK and find this key.

Identity}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0. In the right hand pane
and find *Compact Check Count* and set the value to 0, (zero). This will
reset the prompt, and you won't see it again for another 100 closings.

However, if you do not compact your folders from time to time, you stand
a good chance of your .dbx files becoming corrupt and very possibly lose
your messages.

Best wishes!
dannyeluskAuthor Commented:
Unless I am a paid subscriber to Smart Computing mag I cannot view the full text of the article. The answer you are alluding to is not on the opening page.
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