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Masking console output

Im writing a console app, which requires the user to provide a password, what I want to do is to mask the output, preferably with just "", stars (*) would work fine too.

Example output #1 (What I want to avoid):
Enter password: 123456

Example output #2 (Prefered solution):
Enter password:

Example output #3 (Accepted solution):
Enter password: ******
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1 Solution
There is low-level support for this: read every character using Console::ReadKey(false) and optionally print * using Console.Write(Char) method. Stop when Enter is pressed.
Simple way: set Console::ForegroundColor equal to Console::BackgroundColor and call ReadLine.
Sometime we forget that even in a Console app, it is possible to pop up a dialog box to get user input.   That's how I'd handle it.  

I'd also check for something like
    -u:UserName -p:Password
in the commandline parameters so the user could specify them for automatic (batch) operations.

-- Dan
Two viable alternatives.  I recommend a split.
bjqrnAuthor Commented:
The first one was more what I looked for.

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