Migrate or copy user accounts and groups from one NT domain to another

Hi all,

We have recently taken over a company with an NT domain as their user environment. They are only a small-ish company and have a file server with ACLs for the 50 NT users.

I need to migrate these users into one of our other nearby site's NT domains, and copy the data across whilst applying permissions for the new accounts as they were for the old accounts.

I remember at a previous company using a tool from a company called Aelita, but they now only seem to have NT-AD migration tools and not the old NT to NT tools which would do everything I need here.

So does anybody out there know of a tool can that meet all my needs? I could of course just manually create a load of accounts, or script it, but the major problem is getting the matching ACLs for the files that are to be migrated.

Any thoughts?

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i would suggest to do small test:
1. create user in old NT domain.
2. create folder with some files and set ACL to the user you created.
3. backup the folder.
 (you can use NTbackup to tape or file but you must use BACKUP  becouse it save the ACL)
4. create the SAME user in the new NT domain
5. restore the folder and files.
6. check the results.
.... pressed submit by mistake :)

any way .. if the resulte are OK.
script the creation of  users in the new DOMAIN.
migrate the the files with backup.

if not OK ...well ..let me think about it ...  :)
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matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
ACLs don't refer to the username, they refer to the SID of the account. When I would create the account in the new domain, it would have a different SID to the one with the ACLS on the restored file. When you view ACLs in explorer, it just converts the SID to the username purely for ease of viewing.

So your idea won't work but it's very much appreciated that you are helping me!


yheee ... i thought so ...
do you have trust between to domains ?
if you do, there is a way to migrate the accounts as well.
matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
Yes I can set up a trust.
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