Mapped network drive on XP client shows incorrect space


I have setup a Windows SBS2k3 premium server on a Compaq server.

It has a single partition which holds both the system and the data. There is currently 77gb (of 136Gb) free on the server.

When you look at shares from a workstation on the server it does not show the capacity of the share.

If you map the share to a network drive (e.g. L:) and go to properties then the drive capacity shows 1Gb 85mb free. When copying files to the mapped drive it shows a capacity error - to the netowrk unc it does not!!

Why is it showing the smaller amount is there anything that I need to change??


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the quata in windows server is by the file owner and not by directory space.
means if you set quata on disk the OS will count the total MB per USER !
the user will get error when he rich HIS limit even if there is space on disk.
it is possible that you rich the limit for administrator quata.
check your setting.
just a couple of questions.

You are mapping to the ROOT of the drive?
or just a folder within?

These types of errors are generally caused by mapping to another share other than the one you want...

Try to Mapp a drive,  as the administrator, to   \\servername\c$
where server name is the name of the server in question, and c$ is the root of the system
Tell me what you see when this is done.

The other issue I have seen is when Quota's are set on shares, where upon setup of the share the admin set the folder to only allow XXX amount of data..

Please reply..  and Have a great day.

Is the server is the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) ?
Is the workstation a member of the domain or in the workstation group ?

Well i tested the same scenario as provided in ur question and it just works perfectly fine for me.. and my server is having a domain and my workstation is not even member of domain and still can map without any problems and see the HD free space exactly in the right order and no error while copying or so...

Make sure when u map , do it as the admin. and on ur workstation open any window like My Computer and  on the top go to Tools > Folder Options > View and the last option Use simple file sharing should not be checked in.

Also there might be an issue with XP (if on ur workstation) or if older version on ur workstation seeing a big HD of 137GB as single drive. I believe that what u wanna try first , do a partition of the 137GB HD to anything like 100GB + 37GB and then checkout what happens..

This paritition might solves ur problem..
I would agree that it sounds like a partition issue. I would go through the MMC snap in, disk manager and create a seperate 30 gig partition. Then I would map the client to the new partiotn and see if the correct partition size shows up then.
Potts2002Author Commented:
It was a quota issue.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Have fun!!
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