How to change the thresholds for MOM 2005 rule

I would like to change the thresholds level on MOM 2005 for our mail queue.  There rules are under:

- Microsoft Exchange Server
 - Exchange 2003
  - Health Monitoring and Performance Thresholds
   - Mail Queue thresholds and State Monitoring
    - Performance Rules

I Would like to change these two rules:
Exchange 2003 SMTP: Remote Queue > 500 ( change to 100)
Exchange 2003 SMTP: Local Queue > 50 (change to 15)

How can I do that?
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CRIITAuthor Commented:
I ound the solution. MOM 2005 Management Pacj Development Guid Chapter 6:

Performance threshold rules can be used to set state alert properties in MOM 2005. Threshold rules use the Enable state alert properties functionality of the Alert tab, which overrides the Threshold tab.
To set state alert properties by using performance threshold rules
1.      On the Alerts tab, select the Enable state alert properties check box.
2.      Click Edit and then build the formula.
3.      Build the condition clause for the service using the parameter values.

Also link below.
CRIITAuthor Commented:
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