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Wi-Fi Interference

Is it possible for any electronic equipment to interfere with an 802.11b/g network?

Am I right in saying that only if it is on the same frequency i.e. 2.4GHz could it potentially cause interference?

Here is my last question pertaining to this topic:

I have a wireless router in the same room as the computer and Windows says my link quality is very low and sometimes drops and reconnects the connection over and over .
I have tried the card on another pc (older PC in another room) and the signal is full as well as my latop getting full network throughout the house
I have also tried a new wireless card and I have the same problems .

any possible solutions?
1 Solution
Yes you are right saying that anything running on the 2.4ghz frequency could cause you problems.

The othe thing that may cause you problems is a neighbours or flatmates access point. Also faulty monitors can play a part in bad signal quality.

Possible solutions:

Change the Channel on your Access Point and restest.
Move your monitor away from the pc that has poor connection and see if the signal suddenly improves.


Cordless telephones operate at 2.4Ghz.  They are notorious for causing interference.

What is the OS of the computer with the issue?  Did you try updated device drivers for the network card from the vendors website?  Just installing new hardware might not fix the problem if their is a problem with the driver.  Make sure you uninstall it completely, then reinstall.  Good luck.
First you have other users of the 2.4GHz ISM band.  Medical equipment, corldless phones, other WiFi equipment, microwave ovens, baby room monitors, wireless video cameras, as well as many MANY others.  You have no control over these as the 2.4GHz band is unlicensed.  As long as the equipment using the band is type certificated by the FCC (in the USA at least) it's legal to use it even if it causes problems with other equipment.  In other words it's a free-for-all.

There are also other non-ISM band equipment that can cause problems here.  There are services that operate on lower frequency bands (like cell phones) that can cause interference with their harmonic emissions.  There could be nearby RF sources, radar sites, communcation sites, all of which can interfere with your signal.

Are you also sure that there are no physical barriers to the WiFi signal?  Heating/cooling ducts, electric wires/conduits, and other large metallic objects between the two points can attenuate the signal greatly.
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cordless phones, cell phones, other wireless installations, thick concrete.  But in this case; it could be either the electronic noise from your computer (its a RF source also and if its not properly shielded, can cause interference with the wireless) or you don't have good line of sight from your wireless card going to your access point.  Either way, you may want to extend your antenna.

Cordless phones and other wireless equipment are the most common. Get 900MHz or 5.8GHz phones, that will definitely take out a major factor. Cell phones are occasionally problems too.
I do not think it is interferance from other devices I think it's Microsoft trying to make thing better.

Have you tried going into control panel\administrative tools\services and turning off the Wireless Zero configuration service?

Disable it and reboot see if your connection stops dropping out.  

If you do this you will have to use the wireless supplicant that came with your wireless card.  

Good Luck
GuardienAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the comments guys, it seems that there is interference from a neighbours wireless router.

JJT2750: Thanks, turing off wireless Zero Config was one of the first things I did and solved some of my innitial problems but luckily it is all working now.

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