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I am needing to read from the user's address book and preferably also be able to read from the GAL.  How can I tap the same address book that pops up in Outlook rather than building my own UI?  Alternatively, how can I read from the address book and the GAL and get actual SMTP addresses?  I have some code that uses the Outlook objects to read through, but I get the Exchange addresses ("/o=MyCompany/ou=MyOU/cn=UserName") which are pretty much worthless for what I need.
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There are a few ways to get information from Exchange, most will tell you that WEBDAV is the way to go for querying exchange.

Now if your like me and do not have time to learn how to use webdav, Id highly recommend this library as everythign is done for you all you have to do is say "exchange.getcontacts" etc and it wil return it into a dataset for you.
there are well documented tutorials on the site on how to use the library and I think you can even try it for free.

I had my company purchase it as it was well worth the Dollars


you can do pretty much anything with creat appointments contacts public folders skys the limit
SkipFireAuthor Commented:
That product cannot read the GAL, it can only read information in your profile.
SkipFireAuthor Commented:
This has been accomplished by taking the name of the outlook contact and using that as search parameters for Active Directory, then getting the MAIL property off of the directory entry.
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