confidential email so assistants can't read it

We are using Exchange 2003 Standard & Outlook 2003 in our office environment.

One of the bosses has two assistants who read and respond to his email where appropriate.  However, he wants to have a way for people to send him confidential email that the assistants shouldn't be reading.  How can this be done?  I could set up another account for him, but that would be cumbersome for him to switch accounts back and forth.

Is there a clean, easy solution?  Some sort of delegate permission thing?
David WilliamsonIT DirectorAsked:
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Sorry I mis-spoke, I meant to type client side. Moving to a .PST would require client side processing!

However, a server-side rule could be used to move confidential mail into a specific folder in his Exchange mailbox and permissions set on that folder.

Create folder for confidential mail somewhere in his Exchange mailbox
Set permissions on that specific folder so only he has access
Create rule to move mail to this folder

Here's more info on client and server-side rules:

Basically as long as you're not making a rule that requires acces to a .PST it will be a server side rule.
You can create a .Personal Folder (.PST) for him and also a server-side rule that would move flagged e-mail to the .PST which can also be password protected. This way the assistants can still see / reply to his other mail but not see or access the confidential mail.

Depending on the situation he can create a rule based on 1) sender address (safer) or 2) have the sender put a specific flag in the subject line (less safe if the sender sofrgets for any e-mail wantded calssified).

1) Is the safer bet and if he wants his assistant to see it he can move it from his PST toth e Exchange mailbox.

David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
How would I configure the server-side rule that would send the mail to the PST?
How are permissions to this mailbox managed at the moment?
Is it via a delegate setup, or do the assistants have full mailbox access?

If the latter - there is nothing you can do. Full mailbox means exactly that.
If the former, then you would have to use a rule to move the email to another folder and then ensure that the assistants don't have permissions to that folder.

David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I followed a mix of IT Garage's suggestions.  I created a new PST, and set up an Outlook rule to move incoming messages to that PST based on subject line content.  Thanks alot!
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