I can only ping a server by IP and not by name once connected to thrue VPN a connection

We have two VPN's an old one (CC_VPN) then a new one (NEW_CC_VPN).  We want to decommission the old one (CC_VPN) for a newer one. The problem is once connected to the new one.. I can not PING via server's name only via IP address witch cause a problem if I want to connect to exchange. On the old VPN (CC_VPN) I can ping via the name of any server. I mirrored the settings from the old (CC_VPN) exactly (except for a couple thing the server ip, name and range to give out once connected) to the new VPN (NEW_CC_VPN). I know and believe the problem lies with DNS but where and how to fix it?
Any pointers would help thank allot..
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Bull_81073,

just confirm that your TCPIP settings are configured properly, with a correct gateway (if approp) no firewalls or anything like that on the DNS server?
Have you checked the DNS settings on the new VPN?  Pinging a server by name requires a DNS name resolution and since the IP is working I would check the DNS settings first.

After you have checked the settings you can check it by opening a command prompt and typing "nslookup" then type in the name of the server and see if you receieve a response from the DNS.
CareConnectAuthor Commented:
Hi Bull, DNS on the new server is pointing to the same DNS server as our old on. And also after I ran the "nslookup" command from the VPN server and i had a reply from the DNS servercomfirming the DNS IP and it also comfirm the IP from where i ran it.
Could it be a setting in the NIC card? a protocol extra to add?
This is what i get after a ping to the server via "server name" "Ping request could not find host CC_VPN. Please check the name and try again"

I hope that help more in triing to solve this anyoing issue..
Thank you
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CareConnectAuthor Commented:
Yes it's setup properly the DNS server is also used internaly  for every one and works fine.. we also use the same DNS IP for the VPN server and from the VPN the DNS works fine as well. We are using Windows 2003 i must precise.
CareConnectAuthor Commented:
Hi Jay Jay, i checked the New VPN in depth and i found that there was an adaptor configured in IP/routing, a connector in "NAT/Basic Firewall" was enable, as soon i removed it and re-boot the server i was able to connect via VPN and i was able to ping by name any other servers. Seims to had done the trick.
Thank you
good stuff :)
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