update a record in a form

I have a form that is used to update a record from a sql table. This page will load with a value being retrieved from a querystring.
The value is from the querystring and a call is made to a WS that returns the record (that is to fill all the fields in the form) which then allows the user to update this record. Not delete or add a new record just update.
Having said that, with many different ways to do this, what is the best way and recommended approach.

There are about 40 fields, which include drop down, radio buttons and text area fields.
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MuhammadAdilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Dear
following are some point why typed dataset is better then Dataset.
First typed dataset Separates datalayer form business logic
Second Easy to use VS genrates code visually
Third Easy to write custom methods
Forth Easy to update, insert, delete (All DDL operations)

Explore these pages.

Best of Luck

Adil Fazal
You should used Typed DataSet for this.
Explore This page to learn about typedDataSet

Best regards
Adil Fazal
chicabowAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links. I have reviewed the docs and well i am not building a Windows  new Console C# project. This is to be a web application.
So are Typed DataSet, the ideal solution for what am i looking for? If so, please explain why.
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