VB script failing

This script is a script that we have running on multiple web servers, but for some reason on this one webserver it seems to be failing.

The line that is throwing the error is:

"Set IISOBJ = GetObject(ServicePath)"

The script basically gathers information from the server as well as from our IIS configuration, and then zips and removes log files based on the IIS configuration.  IT works very well, however for some reason on this web server it is failing.  The error I'm seeing is:

"The system cannot find the path specified"

Any ideas?
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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi jpipitone,

the error says it can't find the path so is the object that is created in the call installed on the particular server
this command says something like

Set IISOBJ = GetObject("c:\myfiles\are here\islog.exe")

if you can see what ServicePath is declared as earlier in the code you can check if the path is existing and the application installed

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jpipitoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I'll do some more debugging and test.
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