I lost a panel....

I am programming something in VB.NET for a handheld device that uses panels to display diffrent information.  Because of the limited screen space i move the panels in and out of viewable range as the user enters data.

I lost one of those panels...  It is still in the project, i know because i tried to re-create it and was told it would be a duplicate name.  I checked the exsisting panels to see if they were named the same and they were not.  I also expanded the form to 3000,3000 to see if i could find it lost out there, no luck.

Any ideas on how i can locate this lost panel?  Thanks!

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If you can display the panel's properties, check its location. My guess is that the Left value is a negative number, so even at 3000,3000, it is still off the left edge of the display.

Oh, and to display the properties, just display the properties for a panel you *can* see, and then cursor through the list of controls to find the "missing" one.

NavicertsAuthor Commented:
thanks, found it
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