Mas OS 9.2 unable to authenticate to Windows SBS 2003.

Hi, I've just upgraded to a Windows SBS 2003 (from SBS 2000) and now a couple of the G4 macs (OS 9.2) are unable to access the mac share giving an "User Authentication method required by this server cannot be found" message. Cusiously, a couple of macs on the network are able to get access fine. I'm tried downloading Microsoft UAM in an appleshare folder under system folder...nothing works. I know the macshare is fine bc again some macs can get to it. VERY FRUSTRATING...I must be missing something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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More things to check .  Are you using the latest Microsoft UAM to connect to the server?

Another thing to check is to make sure you are not using an encrpted password.  You can check from Administrative Tools>Domain Controller Policy>Security Settings>Local Policy>Security Options>Microsoft Network server : digitaly sign communications (always)    The default is enabled, you should change to disabled.

Sorry if not verbatim, I am reading from the notes of a co-worker.  I cannot verify on our single 2003 Server
Are the G4s that cannot connect configured to connect over TCP/IP.  On the G4, check under Control Panels, FileSharing and make sure that "Enable FileSharing over TCP/IP" has been checked off.

You can also check by connecting to the server by IP address in the Chooser.  When you select AppleShare in the Chooser, beneath the list of servers there is a button "Server IP Address"

Apple has been migrating away from AppleTalk for years to running the Apple Filing Protocol on TCP/IP.

The original versions of OS X did not support AppleTalk for FileSharing, it was added back with OS 10.1
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