Exchange 2003 Setup with Another Email Server at Home

I would like to be able to test out an Exchange 2003 setup on my home network that I host some small domains.  I currently have a server with a mail server on it which works fine but would like to offer OWA etc.  So, here's my setup and I hope someone can advise.

Cable connection to my home
Microsoft router that routes port 25 to my mail server
Mail server (Mailenable)
Exchange 2003 server on another machine

I would like to have's mail hosted on the Exchange server so I can test it but I don't want to interrupt's email on Mailenable's server.  So, I would like the email to be routed to either server depending on the domain coming in.

I've tried other newsgroups but they are talking to me like I know Exchange quite well, but I'm just starting out, so any help would be great.

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One server has to be the first point of contact for the email.
I don't know if mail enable can forward email for another domain to another server en-masse, but I know I can get Exchange to do it. I have the process documented on my web site:

mikeyatsonyAuthor Commented:
I noticed that my Mailenable server was too secure and was blocking the messages from Exchange.  I had it setup properly before just forgot to check the log files.  VERY important to find out what's going wrong.

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