W2k3 Terminal Session Remote Control Access Denied

We have 8 w2k3 terminal servers all created from the same image.
Previously, members of a groupA were able remote control users
sessions from each server.  Just recently, however, one particular
server stopped allowing anyone but Administrators from remote
controlling sessions.  In Terminal Services Configuration under the RDP-TCP permissions, groupA
is granted access to remote control.  The configuration appears to be
the same as all the other servers which are working fine at this point.
 If a user, who is not an administrator, tries to remote control a
session from the problem server they receive an error message stating:

Session (ID 4) remote control failed (Error 5 - Access is denied. )

If I move the user to the local administrators group of that server, they are able to remote control sessions.  I have been looking around for a solution for quite some time.  If
anyone has any ideas please help.

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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:

have you checked any policies relating to this machine regarding logon from terminal services under user rights assignment, it would be the first time i have seen these settings go out of whack by themselves
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