NT 4.0 to 2003 Standard Migration

I have a client that wants to get rid of his POS NT box & put in a new server.  My understanding is that he has a Dell but unsure of the model.  Email is external.  He has 30 users & several applications that are on that box.  He wants to re-address user level security as I think there is none.  Is there anything I should look out for in this?  I know - DNS DNS DNS but outside of that, is there anything else I should be concerned with?
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Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
what i would have done, is first check the number of DC's in the NT domain (pdc as well as BDC). if only 1 server which is the PDC then, run an in place upgrade after checking for compatibility. once the win2k3 is installed it would automatically run the dcpromo and then select the domain name (make sure you have the name in 2 name spaces eg Ms.com) the NT accounts would automatically be converted to the win2k3 directory account. then install 2003 on a brand new server, add it as a DC in this domain, allow replication to happen. transfer the FSMO roles to the new server, keep the old for a few days and decomission the old server. there are several ways to achieve your objective depends on how you want to achieve them.
Are you concerned with porting over the user logins? .. You'll have to deal with SID history issues.

30 users doesn't seem like too many..

I would go with a fresh install of 2003.. have native AD accounts by recreating all 30 users. Create new home directories and manually copy their data back.

You have no benefit of bringing over that old NT4 junk.

The only drawback here is rejoining 30 machines to the domain again.
mentisgroupAuthor Commented:
Oh I agree.  I wouldn't migrate users.
Run the compatibility wizard on the Windows 2003 CD on the Dell box and see if anything makes it fail. That'll tell you whether it's even worth it to upgrade the POS (acronym can be taken both ways).

I would agree with aindeicato on the fact that if it had NT on it, it's probably pretty old and 2003 will not run well. Might as well purchase a new box, install 2003. You can use the ADMT (Active Directory Migration Tool) to port the users over to the new 2003 domain (available on MS website).
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