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Hi experts,
We are having a strange issue so I will need all of your expertise.

Several days ago I posted a message on EE about a problem we were experiencing with missing audio at numerous PCs in our network.
You can read the post at this link:

We figured out that the reason for the lost audio is the Windows Audio service, which was STOPPED and set to MANUAL startup (instead of automatic).
Starting the service and setting it back to automatic helped us fix the problem but we still do not know what is causing it to stop.
Some users are compaining that the problem reappears after restart.
Others noticed  that along with the AUDIO service, windows' THEMES service was disabled too. We applied the same strategy to fix the Themes service.

Our search for the possible cause so far did not return any reasonable explanation.
If some of you has had similar experience or an insight on  this mystery please share it with the forum.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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e_vanheelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this part of a domain?  Do you have any Group Policy's?  Have you "worked" on any local policy's?  You can prevent services from starting or change the start behavior in policy.
I believe its a setting in your security software. I ll post back if i can come up with any solid proofs.
Anything used to optimize the PC performance ?
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RICuserAuthor Commented:
Thanks Purple Sky,

What do you mean by security software?
I should mention that this is a network with a domain / AD structure , two DCs , DNS, DHCP  etc. and the clients.
We do not run any security software on the DCs except the antivirus software - Norton Corp Ed.

RICuserAuthor Commented:
Yes, e_vanheel, this is occuring within a domain environment.
We have several GP's but thay have been around for a long time. That problem with something disabling services started to occur a week or so ago.
I will check for any modified policy.
Is RSOP the best tool to use ?
I like the new Group Policy Manger - Download this from Microsoft!!!! it is good.
Tim HolmanCommented:
Has a new program been installed on these machines?  Perhaps there is something 'cool' going round the office that users like the look of?
RICuserAuthor Commented:
Right on e_vanheel,  yes it is a GPO setting changed .
Do you know of a tool to log GP changes so we know who is making what change and when?
Can GPMC do this?
You can track changes to gpo thru logging in Microsoft 

Might be helpful.

Glad I could help.
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