Prevent exchange user to send and receive internet mail


I have 500 client for exchange server 2003 and I have 150 user can send and receive mail from oustside
world ((internet mail)) so what is best and easy way to prevent reaming ((350 user)) to send and receive Email from internet

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december41991Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Make a recipient policy and filter out those users whom you do not want to use internet email.
In the recipient policy give SMTP address as anything.local

Since these users have no valid email address (.com) address they will be not able to receive email from outside world. Also filter these address on the SMTP connector for no relay.

Pleasenote if the users are already stamped with SMTP address then you need to remove it using ADMODIFY TOOL.

Download this tool from:

Help for filtering out those users and creating recepient policy.

khaled_mctAuthor Commented:
very nice answer
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