What domain name extensions should NOT be used on a Windows 2003 server in a mixed PC/Mac environment

I am setting up four new Windows 2003-R2 Standard servers in a mixed environment of PC's and Mac's.  I would like to know if there are extensions that should NOT be used because of a potential conflict with the Macs (OS 10.4). I have read conflicting statements in two different publications.  "Small Business Server 2003" by Syngress Publishing (p.43) states that the .OFFICE extension should not be used but that .LOCAL can be used in the mixed environment while "Windows Server 2003 Second Edition, Administrators Companion", states on page 385 that .LOCAL should not be used in the Mac environment.  Can someone tell me which statement is correct so that I can continue with my system design?


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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For Macs, it's best to keep the extensions to 3 letters.  I'm not saying it won't work but you shouldn't stray past the 3 letters to make sure they are able to resolve names properly.

sfrechetteAuthor Commented:
Is there a reason for this?  Does this go for any Macs regardless of the OS version?  I'm just trying to understand the logic for this.  Thanks!
Sorry for missing your last post.

I'm not totally convinced that suffixes longer than 3 characters will not work, but considering the implications of finding out after the fact, it's safer not to try it.

Since this is really a function of the stack, I would imagine it should work provided the MS client extensions are added in.  

Thanks for this!
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