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Read directory contents and output in in JSP page

Hi all,

I have several directories of static images and swf files. I want to build a JSP that reads the files, by file type, and renders the images/swf's on the output page. I'd also like to sort by date or file name. Make sense?

I can do this in Perl pretty easily like this:
opendir(IMD, $dirtoget) || die("Cannot open directory");

Then dump into an array:
@thefiles= readdir(IMD);

From there I could output however I wanted. Not sure how to do this in JSP. Help please... :)
1 Solution
Try something like this...

String the_path = "/home/www/site/";
File theDir = new File(the_path);
String[] theDirectoryFiles = theFile.list();

for(int i=0; i<theDirectoryFiles.length; i++) {
    File theFile = new File(thePath + "//" + theDirectoryFiles[i]);
    //this file can then be printed out or whatever.

I had the pieces to this so I put it together. This should give you a start.    rrz

<%@ page import="java.io.*,java.util.*" %>
public class FileComparator implements Comparator{
     public int compare( Object a , Object b ){
       File aFile = new File((String)a);
       File bFile = new File((String)b);
       if(bFile.lastModified() > aFile.lastModified()) return 1;
         else return -1;
    FilenameFilter gifFilter = new FilenameFilter() {
        public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {
            return name.endsWith(".gif");
    FilenameFilter jpgFilter = new FilenameFilter() {
        public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {
            return name.endsWith(".jpg");
    //assuming your home directory is in your web app's root directory
    File dir = new File(application.getRealPath("/home/www/site/"));
    String[] gifFiles = dir.list(gifFilter);
    String[] jpgFiles = dir.list(jpgFilter);
    Arrays.sort(gifFiles, new FileComparator());
    Arrays.sort(jpgFiles, new FileComparator());
    for(int i =0; i< gifFiles.length;i++){
                out.print("<img src=\"" + request.getContextPath()
                          + "/home/www/site/" + gifFiles[i] + "\" />");
    for(int i =0; i< jpgFiles.length;i++){
                out.print("<img src=\"" + request.getContextPath()
                          + "/home/www/site/" + jpgFiles[i] + "\" />");
mookie13Author Commented:
This is great!!! I was just now able to get back to this project. Appreciate your help!!

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