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Running a Stored Procedure

Hi guys,

I am after what should be a simple enough task, but baffles me...

I want to be able to run a stored procedure which is located in SQL Server 2000. I don't need any of the information returned to me, I merely need to run the procedure.

Also, I don't want to have to re-enter the username and password for the server, everytime the application is run, I want it all to be stored inside the application.

Thanks guys!
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1 Solution
to run a stored procedure:

using(SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection({connection string}))
    SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("MyStoredProc",conn);

2 options for not entering in user name:

1) store the username and password in the connection string in the app.config file

2) use Windows authentication
Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply, sorry, but I forgot to mention that I am using Visual Studio 2005, has the app.config been renamed, or am I just being a bit slow?

It's just not added by default.  You can add one to the project.  Also, you could open up the project Settings and add it there.
Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:
Perfect, cheers! :)
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