Blocking a user from logging in to 2 machines at once

Is there a way to block a user from logging in to moer then 1 workstation at a time.  

We have a doc control appliction that uses My-documents as a temo storage place for draft documents.  

Users that are jumping around machines (with roaming profiles) are having a lot of problems and I think they are logging in to the new workstation before logging out of the old one.

I think If I can block multi-login things would be better ( or atleast they won't be profile version issues)

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Debsyl99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Untested as yet by myself. With Win2k there was a resource kit utility called Cconnect.exe that helped with this problem - it doesn't seem to be included in the Win2k3 server Res kit. Also see the link for LimitLogon
How can I prevent users from logging on more than once, without using the Cconnect.exe Resource Kit Tool?
LimitLogon 1.0

Deb :))
Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi erikwhiteway,

your stuck in an awkward position as if users were confined to one machine, then yes you could block it down easily but with multiple machines i dont know of a way

why dont you scrap roaming profiles and use folder redirection? its a much better way of doing things - just a thought
erikwhitewayAuthor Commented:
I'm looking at the tool above for multi log in.

I was thinking of going to 'home directory'  that will override the 'my documents' and take them to a network drive?  I just need to think about our laptop users.  and how to migrate the existing data from the my documents in profiles.

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