Outlook 2003 multi user login

I have multiple uses that want to use a specific account (Customer Service). I have set up the account and enabled ask for password each time Outlook loads.

The login box comes up but will not allow domain/Customer Service to log into the mail account.

I just know i am missing something obvious.

exchange 2003 server and up to date outlook 2003 if that matters at all.
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You are looking for a Shared mailbox in this case. A mailbox named Customer Service which can be accessed by a group of users. This is what you need to do to configure this.

Create a User account - Customer Service in Active Directory and mailbox enable it, (create a mailbox for this user account in Exchange) now, wait for Recipient update service to assign an email address to this mailbox. If you already have this user account and mailbox working, ignore all these steps.

Create a security group in your Active Directory and add all users (those who want to have access to this mailbox) to this security group.

Open Active directory Users and Computers - pull up the properties of this user account - Exchange Advanced tab - mailbox rights - and grant "Full mailbox access" to the security group created in step 2.

Request the users to log off and relogin back once. Now, all users have access to this mailbox through the security group. and once they will login to Outlook (profile configured for customer service) and will enter their own username and password (not the user name and password for customer service)

You can also configure Outlook with user's personal mailbox as primary mailbox and Customer Service mailbox as additional mailbox)

Amit Aggarwal.
In this case we can also create a Distrubution List called as Customer Service and add all the users who need the mails for customer service in this list.

By doing this we will reduce a lot of administration work.

Like any mails comming in for customerservice@domain.com ====> will automatically go to all the users that are present in that DL.
and exchange works on SIS that is Single Instance Storage so your datbase size wont be increased much as well .

Now single instance storage is like a copy of the mail would be in the database and al the users in that DL will recive pointers to that email.

this is wat basically is adopted ...

do let me know any questions on implementing this or anything

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