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We have a VB6 programs which leaves a tonne of CLSID's in the registry even after a un-install.  I noticed that if you download one of the registry repair tools from the internet there is a function to check ORPHANED CLSID keys and remove them from the registry.

I was wondering if their is a third party set to .NET tools with an interface I can use to accomplish this.  I have come across one which is similar to what I want with search capabilities.

Just wanted some input or other with experience in what I can use to accomplish this.

I am only going to write a small app that cleans up the redundant CLSID's from the registry and don't want to have to re-invent the wheel.
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JANEZ ZARIFASecurity GuardCommented:
if u need to clean the registery u may use errorguard found on
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