why not display message in fmt.tld (JSTL)!

I am writing a login module. I use JSTL to display message from ApplicationResources. Following here:
<fmt:message key="index.login"/>
Although I am declaring taglib in JSP page and web.xml. But when running it only displays: ???index.login???
Please, help me! Thanks very much.
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Your taglib seems to be working.
The ???index.login??? would indicate that it has found a resource bundle, but hasn't found the key "index.login" in it.
If you haven't specified a bundle, it will use the default bundle

Maybe try the setbundle tag:  <fmt:setBundle basename="ApplicationResources"/>

You can set this default in your web.xml file as well


khoa235Author Commented:
thanks evnafets.
I am processing what you say but until display ???index.login???
I am using MyEclipse J2EE Development.
Make sure your properties file placed on the classpath.


Boon Leng
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