OO Agent Not Functioning - Part 2

I am using Lotus Notes R5.0.11. I had reported this problem to IBM but they had stopped providing support for R5. My out of agent office has gone crazy. During my absence, I had enabled my OO agent but when I return, my welcome back message said that no one was notified during my absence. I had confirmed with my colleague and they did receive my message.

 I am not sure how to solve this problem. I had re-installed my Lotus Notes but yet the same problem occurs. My access control right is manager and we don’t have Domino Designer.

IBM had gave me the solution by creating lotus script agent to delete the OO profile and after that I had to enable it again by going to tool – OO but they provide the step by step with print screens in R6.

Anyone can help me? I can give IBM solution in details later.

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If you can provide R6 solution, we can translate it to R5 scenario.
InNoCenT_Ch1ldAuthor Commented:
Solution from IBM :-

The Out of Office Profile could be corrupted.  The profile might believe that they already sent a message if the same people who email last time it was enabled received an out of office response.  
To fix this issue we ran a lotus script agent to delete to out of office profile.  Then the user had to manually create a new one.          
Backup Mailfile.                                                                      
1.  Create a new memo.                                                  
2.  Select Create > Hotspot > Button.                                  
3.  Add a label for the button such as "Delete Out of office  Profile".
4.  Set it to Run - Client - Select LotusScript instead of Formula.    
5.  Paste the code below into the code window.                          
Sub Click(Source As Button)                                            
Dim session As New notessession                                        
Dim doc As notesdocument                                                
Set doc=session.currentdatabase.getprofiledocument("OutofOfficeProfile")
If Not doc.isnewnote Then Call doc.remove(True)                        
End Sub                                                                
6.  Send this email to the user having the problem, instructing the user
to click the button, so the Out of Office profile will be deleted.      
7.  Go to the mail file and choose tools- out of office and enable      

My problem is in v5 is :-

I am creating the lotus script agent until I come to the step 4 which is to "set it to Run - Client - Delete out of office Profile". I do not know where to click to enable it to run.

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