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I have a shared folder set on a windows XP Pro machine and want to set a password on it so when I try to access it from my mac on my network, it will prompt me for a password...any idea how to do this?
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That question should be addressed in Windows but not Mac Networking.  However, I will try to help with my limited knowledge:

1) Open up Windows Explorer and select Tools->Folder Options
2) Select the <View> tab
3) Scroll down all the way and uncheck the "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)"
4) Click on <Apply> button and click <OK> button
5) Right click on the folder that you want to share
6) Select "Sharing and Security..."
7) Click on the Radio Button <Share this folder>
8) Click on the <Permissions> button and add in the user account(s) what you allow to folder to be shared

*note: this means that you have to create the account of the users that you want to share the folder, and the Mac user can then enter the username and password which is created on the Windows machine.
if you are using latest version of OS X, there is no problem at all.  Just share the folder as you would do in Windows and on the Mac, use cmd(apple)-k and key in smb:\\yourxpname\yoursharefoldername.

It will then ask u credential to access the folder.
smashmouthftballAuthor Commented:
ok, how do I share a folder in windows that will request a password from a mac user...this is because I am on a unprotected wireless network and any mac user with airport can access my shared files...
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