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for some reason this box i use at work keeps resetting my desktop folder views from icon to details

i tried leaving them open & then restarting - this worked but after awhile they went back to detail view

i tried unchecking & apply, rechecking & apply the folder options - view tab - remember each folder's view settings, it works for awhile, but much later it resets again

i tried deleting the iconcache.db file located under C:\Documents and Settings\usrnam\Local Settings\Application Data, rebooted & it recreated the file, but doesn't resolve the issue

anyone know what keeps causing this?
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Hi FriarTuk,

See if the fix at line #2 here helps:
(Increase Folder View Size Limit to 8000)
FriarTukAuthor Commented:
i'll try it & keep an eye on it this morning & later tonight - thx
FriarTuk  has this started recently?
can you change settings like this in a workgroup enviroment, no policies preventing you?
 Go to tools>folder options and flip to the view tab. Click on "Reset all folders"
 After this try setting the folder views as per choice and hopefully they will be
Do have ticked remember each folder's view settings in the tools options folder view/ view.
check the settings straight from the View at the top>choose details
reboot just as a certainty.

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iconcache.db has nothing to do with foler views?
But since you have tried this avenue.
Use tweak UI it has a repair icon cache.
Run a scan for corrupt files :)
FriarTukAuthor Commented:
i'm on a domain & their are corporate policies, but this has been an off again/on again situation for several months, just haven't gotten around to resolving it, till now

at one point i did a system restore to the previous day, that worked for a week or two then started again

i'll try tweakui when i go back to work, as it's already installed
FriarTukAuthor Commented:
btw i did try resetting all folders, as well as setting them to the view i wanted again, but sometimes it stays for awhile then goes out again - it mainly an inconvenience, that's why not a priority - can't reload o/s or install any software without approval first
FriarTukAuthor Commented:
dgrrr wrote in http:Q_21835842.html#16737116 "How to fix this NTFS volume's file system integrity?":

found out how to get the xp cd key from recovery console
download & add to a floppy disk, boot into recovery console & run (read manual & help files to use)

download & run from a good booting pc, input extracted key from above

FriarTukAuthor Commented:
scratch last post - copied into wrong thread

anyway results:

sramesh2k, i downloaded bags8000.reg (see below below),
   i wasn't sure what it was deleting nor if it would adversely affect the system, so i only changed the BAGMRU in both locations manually & rebooted - so far it is working well & i hope it won't come back later

btw - what is bags?

merete, thanks for the info that the iconcache doesn't affect folders, I didn't try the tweakui option as this seem to be working for now

<<< BAGS8000.REG >>>

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"BagMRU Size"=dword:00001f40
"BagMRU Size"=dword:00001f40

good to hear you found a solution  FriarTuk :)
Windows stores each folder's view settings and customizations in the registry. By default, this data is limited to 200 local folders and 200 network folders, for a total of 400 folders. The data for folder view settings and customizations is stored in the following registry keys:


Your view settings or customizations for a folder are lost or incorrect:
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