Cannot access \\ip adress\C$ from Win2k3 server to Win2k server- workgroup

I cannot access \\ip adress\C$ from Win2k3 server to Win2k server, which is justin workgroup mode.
I can access from Win2k server to that workgroup win2k server box, but not from any win2k3 server.
I can ping\access from workgroup box to win2k3 server, but not viceversa.

In says, you are not authorized to logon using this account......something like this error.
I am trying to use local win2k server -local adminitartor login or admin priviledge login and it errors.

please help.

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shambhusingh2004Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Please make sure that Server/computer browser service is on your Windows 2003.
RiDo78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a couple of things to check:
- To establish the connection on the easiest way, ensure that the users have the same username and password. So if you login to your local machine, with foo & password bar, ensure that there is a user foo on the remote machine which has bar as password.
- Ensure that the user you are using has remote-login privileges on the remote machine.
- Ensure that the user you are using has rights to the desired share. Both on sharelevel as on filelevel. (if any of those is not in place or inherrited, or when an deny policy is in place or inherrited, access to the entire share is denied).
- As shambhusingh2004 already said, ensure the Server service is running on the remote machine. (Computerbrowser is nice, but is only required once in a network and runs by default)
- Ensure that the workstation service is running on the local machine.
\\ip adress\C$ is an administrative share.  Only a user with administrators rights can access this share from remote computer.  You said you attempted the access from a win2k3 local administrator account. Ref Rido78, does the win2k3 local administrator account exist on the win2k box and does it have administrative rights?
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kiritkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.
Remember, the machine i am trying to connect to is win2000 server standalone box, it's not part of any domain, just workgroup. Box has 2 NICs and one going to another win2000 server and second NIC connected to Win2003 Server.
I can connect with \\ip address\c$ from win2000 sever domain machine to win2000 workgroup machine-no problem.
But, i CANNOT connect from win2003 server domain machine to win2000 workgroup machine.

Note: When i say domain machine, i only mean member of another domain, not domain controller. In fact, the domain controller behaves the same way, too.

The local admin account is created on win2000 workgroup box. i am trying to use same local admin account to map the admin share.

Help... Its driving me crazy.

I'm getting a bit confused, so I'm suggest to use the following names for the machines:
- W2003-d = Windows 2003 server in domain
- W2000-d = Windows 2000 server in domain
- W2000-w = Windows 2000 server in workgroup-mode.
You want to connect to the W2000-w machine. You succeed when you try to connect from the W2000-d machine but you fail when you connect from the W2003-d machine. The W2000-w machine is connected to the other machines using a crosslink-cable or a hub/switch (no routers whatsoever) Am I correct?

If so, then I wonder if both W2000-d and W2003-d are in the same domain, same forrests or have another trustrelationship. Furthermore I would like to know what the IP-adresses and subnets are from both NIC's in the W2000-w machine and the routingtable (ROUTE PRINT) would be usefull as well.
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
He is getting an authorization failure when the attempt from w2003-d => w2000-w which indicates that it is not a networking issue.  However, if w2000-w has two IPs, which IP is w2003-d is going to if it is the same as the IP that w2000-d uses. (narrowing down Rido's)

The w2000-w seems to be setup as a "firewall"  between the two w200x-d systems/groups.  Does it have ISA configured?  Is it configured to prevent cross segment chatter?

Try the following from the w2003-d system in the command interface
net use \\ip-w2000-w<=>w2003-d-link\C$
BennyM82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you disable one of the NIC card connections it will probably start working.  Obviously you will want to enable it again eventually, though to get it working with both nic cards may take some changes in configuration.

Hope this helps,
jkaiosConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
I agree with RiDo78.  The problem is either one of the following 2 scenerios:

1)  The "local" username and password on each PC (Win2003 and Win2000) do not match
     --- OR ---
2)  Each PC is on a different domain or IP segment
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