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NDPS Printing

Hi All,

I want to assign one of my colleagues Create User right in NDS but he should not be able to create a NDDPS printer.

Pls. Suggest.

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Normally the user rights are inherited to the upper containers, so if that user is in a container that is out of the way of the container with the printers, there should be no problem in giving him these rights. You can have separate admins for every container if you want, and these admins won't have admin rights for containers below that container. If you don't use such a tree structure you have to explicitly remove those rights for that user from that object, but that makes things less managable. Also you should allways use groups and then add this user to those groups and not assign the rights to the user itself.
malhotoAuthor Commented:
Thanks. If I give create object right on the container, it means he/she should be able to create any object in container. If he can create users, he can create printers as well.

Pls. suggest if I am wrong.

It's a long time I've used netware and nds, but if I remember correctly, we had had containers for users and containers for printers etc. The printers for instance were in a container closer to the root of the tree, so only those admins that had rights to that level were able to change anything there.

If you need more help, there is a netware TA on this site...

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