MS updates on Windows 2000 server

Actually I have two questions due to a problem using FTP- Pro.

1. Yesterday afternoon, no one at my company could use FTP-Pro to transfer files from their local maching to our Windows 2000 server.  It worked in the morning and then all of a sudden it stopped.  I have re-booted the server.  We have re-booted the Pix firewall which is owned and managed by our telecommunications company.  We have spent over an hour with our telecommunications company while they checked the port used by FTP-Pro.  Still we cannot get the program to connect.  Any suggestions?  

2. Also, there was a Windows update yesterday on the Windows 2000 server.  Could that have something to do with the problem and if so, how to I check out the Windows 2000 server for the update?  The updates are automatic.

Thank you.

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you could try and uninstall the most recent windows updates that are on you server and see if this resolves the issue for you. If it does, then make a note of the windows updates that are to be reinstalled and check microsoft's website for information and issues relating to them.

You can use the Add/Remove Programs icon in Control Panel to uninstall the updates.
Please make sure that FTP port is enable under your firewall setting.If firewall is setting enable or you are using msftp then please make sure that msftp service is enable under IIS.

You can easily find out latest security update from add/remove programs.
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