Windows 98 SE Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 causes bluscreen error Fatal exception 0D has occured...

I have a machine running windows 98 which i have installed a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Card to use in conjuction with Pinnacle Systems "Steinberg clean plus" application to rrecord my records to my pc.

After installing the Soundcard in my PC when i boot up windows i get the following error
A fatal exception 0D has occured at 547C:C26EAFD8. the current application will be terminated.

*Press any key to terminate the current application
*Press Ctrl+Alt+Del again to restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all applications.

press any key to continue

After pressing any key nothing happens, all you see is the cursor blinking on ablack screen at the top left

I can boot into safemode no problems at all

if i remove the card i can boot the system fine.
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If you can boot into safemode, that means the soundcard driver for Win98SE is the problem.  Did you install the one that came with the soundcard?  Were there any indications that it failed to install properly?
mendmycomputerAuthor Commented:
I no longer have the disk to install the drivers again. and i can't find the drivers on Creatives site. Someone else set up the card fo me, so i can't be sure there were no errors during install
you can also test the card on another pc (with XP) to be sure about it's status - it can be bad

Windows 98 has poor driver and resource management.  It is probably binding up and failing to boot due to a resource conflict, which was caused by the drivers being inappropriatly allocated resources that were allready used.


Boot into Safe Mode and delete the sound driver from device manager.

Then boot normally.  Download the latest driver and make certain there are no IRQ, DMA, or other I/O conflicts.  When you reboot, y our system should come back up with working sound.

If you want to save hastle, just load 2000 or XP on that computer.  Also make sure your setup program is set to allow the OS to do Plug and Play and load drivers, and that you have ACPI support.

Provided you have those things and the minimal configureation, load 2000 or XP.  Heck, if you load XP, I bet the defautl drivers are provided by Microsoft.  The problem will just disappear.
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