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Single and Back quote garbled

Since I've upgraded from redhat 7.3 to EL 4.3 I am having trouble with some special charcaters like the back quote and the single quote characters, they are garbled on my terminal window (for example if i run "man find" ).  This is not happening on the main console. I first thought a terminfo problem, but no matter which TERM i set to (vt100,at386,ansii,linux,etc) I get the same problem for these characters.  I have tried different terminal emulators including the microsoft default and it does the same thing. Is this a problem with ncusrses - is there a way to work around this?  Thanks.
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> upgraded from redhat 7.3 to EL 4.3
Woa! That's a huge upgrade from kernel 2.4.x to kernel 2.6.x and it might have more potential issues besides special characters.

Is any reason you don't want to do a fresh installation of 4.3?
I encountered a lot of issues when I tried to upgrade RHEL 3.0 to RHEL 4 and end up to do a fresh installation.
I'm equally impressed!....but I think I did better with RHEL 3.0 to 4;) .... although I must confess I still have a few issues.....Anyway.......

The problem here is that you upgraded from a system that uses XFree86 keymaps to an Xorg setup, and I think that it's got a little messed up;)..so:


loadkeys -s


loadkeys -d

and see if either get the console to behave correctly. If not, then we need to replace your char maps with a new one. You may wish to have a look at this:


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