Adding a confirmation popup before an email in sent from a button

Hello All,

I have included a button in my email that when clicked sends a message back to me. Basically the button is a "remove me from a distribution list" and the email is just one letting me know that the person have chosen to be removed. As it is very easy to click buttons without realizing what they are or not reading them properly i wanted to include a pop-up box asking if they were sure. Does anyone know if there is a simple way I can include a pop-up box saying

"Are you sure you want to be removed from the distribution list?"
Then buttons Yes or No (or Cancel, or anything obvious)
yes - submits the email to me
no - just cancels the box and does not send the email

Thanks for your help.
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madheeswarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
res:=@Prompt([YESNO]; "Send memo?"; "This memo will be sent to everyone listed in the To, CC, and BCC fields.");
response5 = Messagebox ( "Are you sure you want to be removed from the distribution list?" ,(1+48+256+0) ,"Mail notice for department")
'If the User Clicks OK, Send Mail Else Continue.
      If response5<>1 Then
'If yes, then send mail ....
            'Your code ....
      End If

Check for Designer Help for more info on Messagebox
eadam-ukAuthor Commented:
Hi madheeswar,

Thanks, for the reply, how do I add this to lotus notes. Also does the first condition return true if cancel is clicked else continue, or does it check for yes twice, I am slightly confused.
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It only prompts Yes or No and asks only once.

This is Lotus Script code. If you are looking at @Functions, use:
[YESNO] displays a warning, and gives the user a chance to proceed or cancel the operation. If the user selects Yes the numeric value 1 is returned. If the user selects No the numeric value 0 is returned.
@Prompt([YESNO]; "Send memo?"; "This memo will be sent to everyone listed in the To, CC, and BCC fields.")

What is the code in the Button users are clicking in ur db?
eadam-ukAuthor Commented:
This is just an email. I have no DB.

I have included an @function prompt and the popup dialogue works, I have also included the send mail commant, in my button. Where do i place the IF command?

I now have "Run @function formula   Send Mail" in my button panel. I just want the IF to say, if it is no cancel everything, if it is yes, continue.
eadam-ukAuthor Commented:
Ok, so i now have this in my function call

@Prompt( [YesNo] ; "Confirmation"; "Are you sure you want to be removed from the distribution list?");@If(res=0;@Return("");@MailSend)

and then another Send mail function after that.

This currently sends one mail regardless of which button I press and then another straight after. Any tips?
paste your code here..

You should be placing this code in front of your code and in the code which I have provided, instead of @Mailsend, you can place your code.
eadam-ukAuthor Commented:
I don't have any code, I just clicked on the add action button, then clicked on the Send Mail action and filled in the form. I did the same for your code but clicked on on Add action @function and typed it in manually.

Do you know the syntax for MailSend then I could manually code it instead.

Thanks for you patients.
eadam-ukAuthor Commented:
Ok, I got it too work. Why is Lotus notes so useless! or is that me? Mmmm.

For anyone who is interested.

@If((@Prompt( [YesNo] ; "Are you sure?"; "Are you sure you want to be removed from the distribution list?"))=0;@Return("");@MailSend("Email Address Goes Here"; ""; ""; "REMOVE ME - Distribution List"; "Remove me please."; ""; ""))

Thanks Madheesware for you help.
I think you need to develop some programming skills. You cannot blame Lotus Notes for your fault.

Your requirement is basic.
and may I know why I got grade "B"?
Is my answer not usefull?
If you think I deserve "A", post a question in Community Support to change the grade with this thread Link.
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