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Compression function which takes 64-bit msg and 32-bit IV and outputs 32-bit digest.

Any hints on writing a function like so:
Compression function which takes 64-bit msg and 32-bit IV and outputs 32-bit digest.
Any help is majorly appreciated!

2 Solutions
What does IV stand for ?

Does the hash function need to be secure (as MD5, SHA  eg.) ? Or is it just gonna be used for a simple table lookup eg. ?

Does the 64bit message have a specific format ? Anything you can tell us about that ? Any recurring parts ?

These questions are quite important to propose the best hashing algorithm for you.
Do you want to compress data or do you want to create a digest?
edifer1984Author Commented:
Apologies, IV = initial vector.
The hash function is MD5. 64-bit message is split into 8 blocks which are 8-bits long each. Two rounds where each round has 8 iterations. The 32-bit chaining variables are bytes.
What can you proprose?

Aim is to get a compression function.
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If you want the function to be reversible, you can't do it, unless there are no more than 2^32 different 64-bit messages that could be compressed.
If you just want a hash, there are many you could choose from, includingMD5
>> Aim is to get a compression function.
You mean to use the hash to check whether de-compression was ok ... or that the hash itself is the compressed content ? In the last case, then ozo's comment shows the problem with this.

In the first case - when it's just needed to check for errors - a simple CRC might be enough (look up CRC32 eg.).
We're still waiting for edifer1984 to respond to our last comments. If you're reading this, can you let us know whether you need further assistance ?

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