Wireless solution for small motel

Hi, Does any one know of an out of the box solution for a Motel to offer their guests a free wireless solution. The Motel would like to give the guests a code to access the internet for the length of the stay. We dont want to keep it wide open for everyone to use.

I know Linksys has the new Linux kernal router but I dont think that can generate a random code.

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guess you could setup one of these http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=2&pid=402 as recomended by 2hype above then setup your hotspots as i  describe above.

Dont know if there are any "out of the box" sollutions. Many use a program / database on the background where the actuall accounting etc is managed / logged. But do know a sollutions that might fit your needs.


Good luck ;)
If you have an old computer kicking around you could download the free software from publicip.net.  Its a bootable ISO so no Installation is required.  Just pop the CD in the CD Rom and it will boot to the program.  A few minor yes or no to configure the system is all that is required.

Then you can connect a wireless router to the box and your done.

Dlink has a hotspot gateway.  



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It might be easiest to purchase the http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=2&pid=173

and run a few Cat5 lines to some Wireless Access Points located throughout your motel. To get coverage to all your rooms.  Rember not to use overlapping Channels.  1,6,11 are reccomended.
hi kdoq3445,

here's some suggestions....hope its helpful,

-conduct a site survey to determine how many access points you will require and where  you will
-want to place them -then plan your deployment considering the coverage and badnwidth you will neeed, the number of clients and any expansion plans.

-After that you want to install the access points -its good to choose interchangable access point units with interchangeable antennas (omnidirectional or directional antennas)so you can fine tune the reception.

-deploy your network and offer your employees training and make sure that everyone knows how to report problems

Here's some access point quotations and a bit more information on setting them up:


Steps to Secure Your WLAN  
Change the default settings for your access points
Wireless LAN access points and routers come preconfigured with default service set identifiers (SSIDs). Be sure to change your SSIDs and administrative passwords to unique settings and set your clients to connect to it everytime.

Disable SSID broadcasting

This prevents access points from broadcasting the network name and associating with clients that aren't configured with your SSID.

Add firewalls and virus scanning software

Even the most inexpensive firewall between clients, wireless access points and the wired network enforces basic authentication and deters most intruders. Your client PCs also need to run the latest virus scanning software to defend against malicious code.

Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) as your security upgrade move of choice
WPA improves upon the older Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security solution for WLANs. WPA uses the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) for encrypting and "hacker-proofing" data streams, as well as the IEEE 802.1X protocol. WPA2* supports the 802.11i for WLAN environments and provides new levels of authentication and encryption.

Use virtual private networks (VPNs) for remote access
VPNs provide secure encrypted connections for employees accessing the company network remotely-whether from home or from a public hotspot. By using VPNs, you ensure that only authorized users can access the WLAN and that your data cannot be intercepted.
more information on why u should go wireless from Intel

For a wireless Hotspot in your motel you probally would not want to disable the SSID.  Broadcasting it will make it easier for customers to connect and to acutally know that you provide wireless internet.  You are not trying to hide the fact that you are offering wireless internet.

I would also not enable WAP.  The Dlink will be preventing unauthenticated users from connecting to the internet.

You would want to keep your own computers on a seperate system, Behind a router, you could use the same internet connection.  This prevents users connecting to your hotspot from getting access to your computers.

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