How to use double-click to make JTree nodes editable

I'm having some difficulties making my JTree component work as I prefer. I have created a JTree with nodes consisting of four Jlabel components. When the user double-clicks on a node, I want it to become editable. My problem is that by default a node in a JTree is editable when a user clicks the node just once. This makes it imipossible to select a node without making it editable. Does anyone know any good way to handle this, so the nodes in the tree only is editable when the user double-clicks it. I am looking for something similar like the method SetToggleClickCount(), but havent found anything that works the way I prefer so far.

Please help me, I have spent way too much time trying to solve this!!

Thanks in advance,

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Giant2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have seen here?

You must build your own selectionModel.

Bye, Giant.
hoomanvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
listen to mouse events and on double click occurence, use this method to start editing a node

 void startEditingAtPath(TreePath path)
          Selects the node identified by the specified path and initiates editing.
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link allready posted (sun book)
sorry Giant2
i opened and i copy it by mistake
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