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I need a cheap backup solution.

Currently were are a small company.

We have 1 server that is on Windows 2003 in a domain enviorment,.... it is also our PDC.

This server has an internal tape drive that backs up to 20GB  Travan Tapes.

WE back up each night and we use 5 tapes a week.  We use the same tapes the following week, allowing the drive and sofware to erase what is on the tape then back up again.

Currently we backup about 11 gigs of data per tape per night.

I think we have been using these tapes for over a year.... I dont like them they ware out etc.... we are looking at replacing the tapes and system.

Ideas as to what is out there?  links etc?  What would you use for our situation?
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It all depends on your budget. You may as well just take an external hard disk, plug it into the server and have the backup software write the backup to that external drive. Apart from the fact that it is a bad idea to backup on a medium with the same failure characteristics as the original medium, that's an affordable solution. By the way, you may need to revise your backup generations management. For example: Create a full backup on monday, then create incremental backups for the rest of the week. At the end of the week, archive the hard disk and use a new one for the next week. This way, you can keep longer time spans with a limited amount of money.

Creating incremental backups can reduce the wear-off for your tapes as well ;)

Please give some more details, so that I can suggest more detailed solutions.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
External Network drives are becoming very popular in conjunction with utilities like Second Copy http://secondcopy.com/  but tapes still have a huge advantage of being easily taken off site, a very critical consideration in a back up plan. They also offer the ability to recover previous versions of a corrupt or even changed file, by having back ups from multiple dates. Probably your best bet is to bite the bullet, and replace the tapes annually. Often "Cheap" and Back up should not be used together in the same sentance. Nobody who ever had only a back up tape after a fire, felt it had been too expensive.  :-)
OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsCommented:
I've had bad luck with Travan Tapes going out. I switched to DLT IV and never had a problem since.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I must say Travan drives and tapes are not my favorite either. If you switch to a DLT or even DAT drive, the tapes are more dependable and much cheaper, but if looking for inexpensive, tape drives are not.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
Can you prvide a link ot the DATA drive you use?  I would like to read up on it some?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
This is a link to the DAT drives. Prices are Canadian but site seemed to have reasonable technical information.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks  mrchaos101,
Nay on Travan. Yay on DLT/DAT.
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