3rd party requesting Re-IP of private network

I have a client that is as follows.
Windows 2003 A/D Servers
Exchange 2003 Server
Roughly 100 client pc's mixed xp and 2000 os.
numerous printers and print servers.

I am being told that we need to re-IP our entire network to a new private subnet before we can set up a PPTP connection to this third party's software that we will be using.  we are on

Here is what I need.  I am hard pressed NOT to re-IP my windows 2003 Active Directory Domain with Exchange but would like a good reason to propose WHY.  I couldn't answer that question except for "this is going to be a mess."

I need to know why this could be a potential nightmare.

I am also open to why I may be over reacting and that this may not be such a big issue.

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NJComputerNetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Different areas that you will have to address...

1) Change the internal IP scheme..  Change the firewall / router to user a different IP address.  You may also have to adjust your firewall rules so that they point to the new internal IP's

a) change the IP of your Exchange server

2) Change the IP of the DC's  ... making sure to adjust the IP settings to point DNS properly

3) update your DCHP scopes to be on the new subnet

4) Update your static devices (like printers) to use the new IP address..  (re-adjust any printer queues to point to the new IPs)

5) IPCONFIG  /release  --> IPCONFIG /RENEW on all dhcp clients to get new IP

It's not too much of a technical risk... its more of just a pain in the butt to do the work...
I don't think there is a problem giving the Domain controllers or the Exchange server a new IP address.  This doesn't sounds too much like a problem.  
maybe pushback and ask for documentation on why they need this IP scheme change..
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
They host a VPN managed application.  They say that range is already in use by several other companies.
Ok... I would change your internal IP scheme then...  Or don't use this managed VPN solution.  This seems like the only options.
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